Addons Galore

I’ll admit it, I’m an addon-a-holic, no if, and, or but about it…. I really feel like they contribute quite a bit to the experience of a MMORPG. I started MMORPG’s, way back when, Ultima Online and Asheron’s Call were in their prime. Asheron’s Call was the first game that exposed me to third-party addons(Decal, Splitpea anyone?). I really feel like they let developers and players contribute more to what they feel the game should contain.

Now that is not to say that some folks have wrote certain plugins or addons, that have a certain ill-intent to them, in order to bot, cheat, etc… Some would argue that any addon, potentially gives the upper hand, in comparison to those not utilizing it. However, majority of plugins or addons are regularly available for the masses, and anyone can go download and utilize them. Some might even argue, Blizzard, has selected some of the best ideas within addons or plugins out there, and implemented them into the game directly.

That all being said, here are a few of my personal favorites for World of Warcraft:

  • Auctioneer – This is probably the best of the auction addons, I have ever found. I’ve tried several of the others, however this one I find suits me best, even though it does have a bit of overhead to it.
  • Gatherer – Also made by the folks, who make Auctioneer, is another one of my essentials, in being able to track where mines, herbs, and other resources are for future gathering excursions.
  • Bagnon – Let’s be honest, the Blizzard default bags are horrible, they take up half of the screen, and all we really want is a nice consolidated method in which to view it. Bagnon does this perfectly in my opinion.
  • Bartender4 – I enjoy the default bars for the most part, but I really enjoy being able to place buttons where they make sense to me. Bartender4 makes this process easy to implement.
  • Omen Threat Meter – As a individual who has played a tank, not only in World of Warcraft, but several different MMORPG’s, this is probably one of the best ideas for people. If the tank isn’t tanking, then someone is likely dying. By no means, is this an end-all, be-all, but it does help considerably from causing wipes.

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